Snooki and Sarge
Welcomed 5 Puppies
Feb. 17th 2014!! 
4 boys and 1 girl
All puppies SOLD!

If you would like to be on the reservation list for a St. Bermastiff Puppy

 Please contact me by phone, email, or send a Puppy Reservation Form from the Website.

We moved to town in January this year and knew Sarge would not be happy, so we gave him to a friend Jason that lives near Bee, Ne ~out in the country!

He is loving it in his new home and is very spoiled!!

We were very sad to see him leave but we are very happy that he is Happy! We still get to visit/see Sarge...his new owner has family in Ord and he Takes Sarge very where with him!


“What the Lion is to the Cat- the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; He stands alone, and all others sink before him. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity, and in attachment he equals the kindest of the race.”
Cynographia Britannica- 1800
We are located in Central  Nebraska!
This website is always underconstruction!

Thank you to all the families that have given my babies new loving homes!!

 It is so Awesome, wonderful, rewarding, time consuming, and exausting having a litter of X-large breed newborn puppies, so if I don't get back to you promptly I appoligize in advance.
It is alot of work but, I love every minute of it!!

Take a look at the pictures on this website...they are wonderful family companions and protecters. They are just awesome with children.They do not bark unless they need to alert us that someone strange/not a normal visitor is near! 

 Dog ownership in general is not something to be entered into lightly. Owning a Mastiff  or St. Bernard is an enormous responsibility and takes making this decision to a whole other level. Mastiff and St. Bernard ownership demands a long-term emotional, social, continious training and financial commitment from you and your family. Before contacting us, take the time to make an honest assessment as to whether you and your home are ready to care for a 200+ pound pet. 

Below is a website I found that has Information about spay and neuter.

 This is Snooki. She is a Fawn English Mastiff!  


We are not kennel breeders Family (home) rasied.

We own 6 family pets. 

 Sarge- Male St. Bernard.Co-Owned

We moved to town in January this year and knew Sarge would not be happy, so we gave him to a friend Jason that lives near Bee, Ne ~out in the country!

He is loving it in his new home and is very spoiled!!

We were very sad to see him leave but we are very happy that he is Happy!

We still get to visit/see Sarge as his new owner has Family in Ord and he takes Sarge everywhere with him!

 Susie -Female English Mastiff. Fawn Brindle with black mask

 Snooki-Female English Mastiff. Fawn with black mask

Outside(garage) Cat.

~Harley is my in laws family dog, we bought her for them  because their family dog was getting old.

We went  to Oklahoma and got her  when she was 8 weeks old. She was 5 in Feb. 2013

In 2010  Harley & Sarge had our very first litter of  Saint Bermastiff puppies!!


Are you wondering what a St. Bermastiff is?? It is crossing Saint Bernard and English Mastiff.  We take the best of both breeds  and combine them. They produce awesome puppies that become loving family companions & protectors.

 The St.Bermastiff  are loyal, loving & will carefully protect its family. They are also wonderful & patient with children if they are brought up with them. They DO drool and as with most dogs, they shed too.

X-large breed dogs are great family dogs and they provide a level of security and
protect their home and family.



The picture on the left is:


English Mastiff


June 14th 2010~We had our 1st Litter from HARLEY & SARGE a total of 14 puppies!

The pups from the first litter are just awesome! To see pictures click on puppies with new families.

 Puppies are raised at our home, not in a kennel. They will be well socialized with adults, kids, A cat, dogs & horses. If you decide to get a pup from us you can be sure the puppies are raised well, kept clean, and fed the best quality of food & very well socialized with the everyday life.  I take a lot of pride saying "my puppies are very, very well cared for and loved."

A lot of love  and dedication is put into raising a litter of puppies. If you choose to purchase a puppy from us we expect that you will love, properly train them  and care for them as we do when they are babies. I take this very seriously. 

I never want to sell or have someone purchase a puppy that is going to put them in a pen or tie them up (even when they are adults) and the only contact with them is to feed and water them. That is NO life for any animal!! Totally unexceptable!

If you can't properly care/socialize your St. Bermastiff as a puppy and you have problems when they are will not be reimbursed for the dog, vet bills or the transportation it is all at your expense!! When you purchasing a puppy from us it is understood that it will be part of your family & you will train them to be what is expected of them. They will be great members of your family if you do the right things when they are young!!!Pups that are being shipped will be vet checked. All pups will have dewclaws removed. They will all be up-to-date on vaccinations and be dewormed at 4, 6 & 8 weeks.

 The St. Bermastiff is a very large dog and they require to be close to their family to be happy.  They will not be happy left alone in the backyard. They require day to day training when they are young and socialization with other dogs when they are puppies also, so that they can be productive members of society.  They need to be socialized and exposed to different situations as babies so they can grow up into confident, well mannered, social members of your family. This is Very, very important to train them when the are young or you might end up with problems if you don't.

  Owning a Large breed dog is a great responsibility and should not be made without committing to the dog for life(10-12+ years).  Please research the breeds before purchasing a puppy that will be loyal to you and your family forever as long as they receive proper training & socialization as young pups!!!

Our puppies are raised as family pets. We DO NOT sell to pet stores, puppy mills or brokers. They are given lots of love and special attention we expect you to do the same if you get one of our puppies.


Sarge got to go to school for show-n-tell!! He love the kids and they all got slobbery kisses!!

He is a very awesome dog, he great on the leash, even with a 7 year old girl he listens and follows her comands.

When he was in the class room he layed down for some belly rubs!!


 (Below)Sarge ~ St. Bernard Male at 1 year -2010

The Kids are pre-spoiling the puppies of 2011!!!! 


Harley at christmas time with the family. 2008~ She don't miss out!!

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